Incidents and breakdowns which are not passed on to the administration means that the repair will result more expensive as well as a bad image for the administration.

Advanteges of using FincasOn

Fincason is the ideal mobile application to manage properties.

With FincasON:

  • Incidents are comunicated just in the same way as a Whatsapp, with photos included.

  • Meetings can be called and the minutes are sent quickly and simply. This means a considerable saving to the community of property owners.

  • Notices are sent to property owners. The push up mail services makes for a more informal communication language making it more simple and quick to read for everyone.

  • Communal facility bookings can be made tfrought this app (tennis court, pádel, fottball, social club...)

  • You can vote on the different points of the agenda, in agreement with the current Horizontal Law.

FincasON is personalized and mdiefied according to the corporate image, design and log of each company, administration of properties or community.